It’s Raining..outside my window!

“Meow…” my phone rang. An SMS from one of my BFFs appeared.

“It’s raining billiz & kuttaz” it read. I smiled & looked outside the window. It was indeed raining cats & dogs. A sheet of white blanket had suddenly appeared, covering every building in the vicinity. Or was it just my window?

This year had been the hottest yet & last month had given everyone a rather hot proof about the fact that global warming isn’t just a term you throw around to show your knowledge of current affairs. It’s a real & it’s happening. Yet today the Sun had bowed & decided to hand over the stage to the Rain Gods.

I wanted a hot & steaming mug of coffee in one hand and a racy paperback thriller in the other, curl up in my bed & celebrate the arrival of monsoon.

Such luxury was however forbidden for the moment & I returned back to work on my PC. Outside I could hear the loud pattering of raindrops & the cacophony of flowing water with rumbling angry clouds that had a strange rhythm in them.

Slowly as the minutes passed I was aware that my banging on the keyboard was making more noise than the rain outside. The Rain Gods who had been denied their rights seemed to have abated their anger & now graced the earth with a meek drizzle. Outside the buzz of the traffic on the road had regained its normal level, as if declaring that rain or no rain I’m the sole noise-maker around here!

My phone beeped again. This time I grinned as I read the message. I shut down the PC & went outside. Look what I found-

The Light Rainbow

The sky turned clearer & had let the hesitant sun cast a golden tint on the sky. As I stood there mesmerized by the sight, the rainbow appeared bolder as if to wish me a happy monsoon!

Happy Monsoon!

3 thoughts on “It’s Raining..outside my window!

  1. Well u were lucky enough to spot d rainbow. Really, its thrilling wen u observe such a nice weather and wen u view thundering clouds shedding all d tears on us a sense of goose-bumps emerge through d skin.
    A nice tribute to d gr8 monsoons. Cheers!!

  2. “I wanted a hot & steaming mug of coffee in one hand and a racy paperback thriller in the other, curl up in my bed & celebrate the arrival of monsoon.” I so totally agree. Am missing those days, curling up in sofa or bed with a book and cuppa coffee, enjoying the thunders outside.

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