F.R.I.E.N.D-What I’ve Learnt From You

The 1st & oldest friend of mine is my Mom. When initially it was due to a lack of options, later it was simply the comfortable bonding that we shared.  And like all BFFs, we had our share of fights & arguments that we survived. Hers is the only advice I take seriously & she is the only one with whom I can share all spicy gossip guilt-free. Each day I try to live up to her ideals & like a true friend does-she’s made me a better person. She is & will remain my best friend, philosopher & guide-as they say!

Going down the list, I however am surprised to see the heterogeneous mixture of people I proudly call my friends! You would find every (excuse my saying so) ‘variety’ in there. Some my friends from school & later college times, some through internet & even a few through dating sites! And as I explore the wonderful world with them each day I learn something new, experience a new feeling & simply put-feel happy that they care enough to share their lives with me.

Love they say is unconditional, yet there are many unsaid lines drawn & invisible boundaries built that try to cage the other person’s soul. Friendship is liberating. It frees you, makes you what you are, what you want to be. And that is why I feel true love is best expressed in friendship.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of making friends all over India. The richness in culture & the distinct traits each one has never failed to amaze me. I’ve put Christmas decorations in my friend’s house on Christmas Eve, got gifts from Santa Claus (who I knew was the Uncle from the neighboring apartment) and been to church with her. I’ve also had the ecstasy of tasting sheer-korma with another friend & being laden with sweets till I thought I’d burst. And the simplicity of my Jain friend has always taught me that how true the inner you is, is what matters, not the outer mask. The list is endless-a clichéd expression yet true.

Coming to the lighter part, my friends are my source of happiness. In every materialistic or spiritual manner possible, they are the ones I look for when the selfish desire to unburden my heart arises. Or simply when I need to share a laugh. And without the needless word of commitment, I do the same for them. Learning from each other’s mistakes, correcting, admonishing & just being there, that’s what defines friendship.

I surmise my feeling for my cherished friends in a few words…

No give & take ritual of hearts was required

You gave me your hand & that has sufficed

With that you offered all that I had desired

Love, faith & trust all that cannot be priced.

Over the years we may grow apart

Distance & time, destiny’s sly hand

But I’ve caged your memory deep in my heart

I can see your smile from where I stand.

No words need fill the silence between u & I

No bonds no promises will ever bind us together

Fake worldly conventions we will always defy

And yet we remain friends forever!

Happy Friendship Day !

P.S: Normally I don’t go about praising my friends 😛

It’s ‘coz the Blogadda’s contest on Friends Forever theme sponsored by Pingroo inspired me to pen this down 🙂

4 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D-What I’ve Learnt From You

  1. the poem that followed the post indeed was beautiful. and yeah i agree with you about the (excuse me for this word ) VARIETY of people who become our friends over time , school-college-tuition classes- language classed= extra curricular things we did – sports – Uni- work etc etc

    I am blessed it seems have made tons of friends not just in india but all over the world …

    Good post .. Happy friendship day always

  2. Well said buddy.. Starting from Mom to the best of his frend as Frends Forever.. Frend – a simple word which synonym most powerful relationship in this world. Converts I to We – strongest bonding made of love and care!

    I wish you a good luck for the contest, “Friends Forever

    Do stop by Saravana Kumar M – Friends Forever and feed me with your thoughts.

    If you wish to save a heart, then stop by The Untold Story

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

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