The Mahabharata Under Our Roof

I comfortably fit into the role of the hapless Pandavas, while my younger sister is the perfect embodiment of the evil & conniving Kauravas. Mom dear, sides with the Kaurava avatar thus fulfilling her role as the great Bhishma.

Not having ample land, dynasties etc to call our own, we sisters see blood over mundane stuff in everyday life. A look at stuff we tear clothes over:-

  • Who gets to sit before the computer
  • Who finishes the packet of goodies that Mom’s got
  • Who scores the maximum no. of attacks against the other while perfectly avoiding Mom

The short generalized list encompasses in itself a host of sub categories that widen the range of everyday battles. But a fully fledged war ensues whenever the computer is at stake.

The PC plays the role of Draupadi in our story. She is the victim of torture & humiliation at the hands of the cunning Kaurava. She is the one traded & changes hands after every battle is fought. Just like Draupadi had no say, the PC too is the mute sufferer of the war.

And what a war it is! We make do with our body parts not having any access to magical weapons. (I doubt even if we had, I’d never be able to string a bow).

Being girls we have extra weapons too-namely nails & tears. The one who cries first & loudest wins the war. It’s the ultimate Sudarshan Chakra.

Launched to kill & incapacitate the other, this weapon is only used in dire emergency case. Like when the opponent has let out a blood thirsty yell pure murder or when you start bleeding bad. And then appears the great Bhishma to intervene & punish the guilty. My sister’s amazing capacity to produce salty tears & pull up a perfectly pathetic sorry face always enables her to trot off scot-free. And I the stoic Pandava save my tears for the privacy of my bedroom.

So my advice to would-be parents-avoid wars under your roof. Promote peace & go for ‘We 2 Ours 1’ formula. Better still have none.

India really needs to stop reproducing unproductive byproducts that are just an excuse of a human being.

And if your primal instincts prevent you from adhering to such high principles, at least have the grace to keep one hidden from the other. And God help you if you end up having more than 2!!!


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