Pride & Prejudice

Only on national holidays-the Independence Day & Republic Day common citizens of India are allowed to have the tricolour on their vehicles, buildings & maybe for a while on their minds. For on other ‘normal’ days, the fate of that tricolour is the least of their worries. I’m no exception. I was cribbing more about the loss of a holiday (Aug15 falls on a Sunday this year) than worrying about India! So when I came across BlogAdda’s recent topic-“Mera Bharat Mahan” (sponsored by Pringoo) I sat thinking, is my country my pride? Is my country great? I procrastinated & today finally decided to pen down my humble opinion.

Of course I’m proud of my country. If there’s one thing we Indians are never shy of flaunting, it’s our patriotic fervor amply displayed in all Bollywood flicks no matter what the storyline or who the producer is. I’d rather not risk some moral police cutting off my fingers for stating otherwise. But the pride is surreal. It’s just the moral duty as the citizen of a nation to feel proud & call your nation great.

When I was in school, the pride I felt for being an Indian usually displayed itself when some Chief Guest would unfurl the national flag and when the national anthem would play sending little shivers down my skin. But I must accept with due shame, that the pride was nowhere to be seen when the celebrations were over & I trampled back home walking on the little tricoloured flags littering the school ground. That is the state of India. Citizens walk all over it, her traditions, her culture & her pride.

As kids we used to play a game, with 2 players throwing a ball to each other & a player in the middle trying his best to grab the ball before it reaches the other’s hand. That’s the exactly how the economic resources, government aid & almost all other essentials are denied to the man in the middle-the common man. And no prizes for guessing who the other 2 players are.

If a popularity survey would be done, the words-corruption, poverty & crime-rate would finish in that order. For everyone seems to have a favorite when it comes to blaming the state of affairs here. You would ‘donate’ lavishly to the ‘international’ school where your kid is getting admitted & yet berate the corrupted system. You will give the job in your office to your wife’s cousin’s brother-in-law & then shake your head morosely at the poverty rate in India. You will add more water to milk & pebbles in the rice you sell but if your house gets burgled, crime-rate is high, isn’t it?

I’m not here to recite impressive statistics & share media-flared incidents of the shameful functioning of Indian government and the apathy of her citizens.

I am merely wondering who caged the Golden bird that our ancestors had set free? Who is responsible behind the invisible borders drawn all over India, classifying, categorizing & grading her citizens? Who the hell is making my country a laughing stock world-wide?

Oh, well of course it’s me!

I, good-for-nothing citizen of India, am responsible for this.

I have a voice & I use it well-for blaming the government, for raising slogans, for decrying everything in my line-of-sight that doesn’t bother me directly. And of course, I use it well, for buttering government officials & for smothering my subordinates.

I use my sight- exclusively for things that give me pleasure-the latest fashion, the neighbour’s daughter, the new TV next door couple has got.

I hear well-the latest gossip, the neigbour’s fights & heavy metal music.

I treat India the way your tenant treats your house-stay there, use all resources & if anything needs repairs call the owner (i.e. the government).

Lastly I’d speak about the prejudice carried by Indians. Their inferiority complex & their awe of all things ‘English’.

Our fascination for the tag of ‘foreign’ needs to be curbed. Foreign education, foreign job, NRI groom & foreign products. Brain drain can be stopped if you just shorten your horizons & stay put in India, giving back little of what you have learnt. Do you think the foreign companies would throw all their calls to India if we hadn’t been so utterly jobless? If India had enough entrepreneurs –the IIT/IIM grads, wouldn’t there be enough jobs here itself? If you went for Indian brands & not run crazy after the big names of foreign countries, wouldn’t Indian economy prosper? Why can’t we raise India to that height where others would look upto us?

It’s time we treated India as our home, our motherland & not some God-damned rented house!

P.S : This post is also an entry for Blogeshwar 2.0


9 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice

  1. You not at your best in this post – noticed some clichéd expression and content, but there were innovative expressions too 🙂 Especially the last line is great

  2. Found sort of a similarity in our view regarding the subject, isn’t it! I could agree with Tanay here, you have written really great stuff earlier, this may not be the best but somehow, the clichéd expressions are sort of and more often than not, inevitable in this topic. Even I have them in my post, un deliberately. Liked your post! 🙂

  3. The post may not be the best..but still manages to raise concerns and doubts regarding our responsibilities as citizens of our country..I think it works..considering you wrote it to meet the deadline..:)..and by the for the final submission has you can try ameliorating your post if u want to..!..

  4. gr8 thought….. specially da rented house one i mean i did realise a lot of things after reading this…..

    gud luck buddy hope u win………

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