Guilty Until Eternity

He was at it again. The same penetrating stare that made me wish I were invisible. Or better not a woman. Not the only woman in this suburban office, sharing the small so-called ‘office space’ with that pervert. I ignored those lecherous eyes as usual and pretended to not care. I had a rent to pay, a family to take care of and I wasn’t going to let a pathetic loser stop me from accomplishing my goals.

“The boss wants you in his cabin.” Mishra said as he passed by my desk. Now what did he want? The project had gone well, it’s Friday for God sake! He isn’t trying to ruin my weekend is he? I dragged my feet upto his cabin, knocked and entered. “Well, Ms. K, I’m so very pleased with the way you handled the Sen & Co. project for us. I’ve another great opportunity for you to honer your skills and climb up the success ladder….” Groan, the ‘success-mantra’ speech again. Screw my weekend.

I moved out of the cabin 40 minutes later with a heavy burden and a matching headache. Thankfully Mr. Pervert was not at his desk so I could relax a bit. I’d been assigned another project to be submitted by Monday. Designed to ‘honer my skills’ it only meant one thing to me-working overtime on weekend! Who said money isn’t everything?

There was a short scuffling of feet somewhere behind me. I looked up startled. There was no one in the entire floor on this Saturday save for the dozing watchman, so who… I only had time to put down my pen when the chair I was sitting in was swiveled roughly & I found myself staring right into a pair of hungry eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I managed to splutter. “Nothing troublesome sweetheart. Tell me why do you avoid me so much? Don’t you know how much I … want you?” his hand moved towards my face but I was quick to rise up from my chair & back away. “You better leave before I call the guard.”
“There isn’t any guard honey. I sent the poor, sleepy guy off. Why disturb his siesta while we have fun baby?” he walked towards me.

I put down the bloody paper cutter and stared at the limp form lying at the end of the staircase. Blood was oozing out of my torn suit. There was a deep gash on the right arm where he had tried to grab me, attempting to wrench out the cutter from my hand. My desperate hand had found it mark on his face & I’d managed to flee down the fire escape. He caught up with me soon only to fall down the stairs almost blinded by the blood spilling over his eyes.

I could almost hear the whispers, feel the countless hostile stares and imagine the plight of my family when news of this crime would be splashed everywhere. The local press would jump at it like hungry wolves & so would my locality.

And everywhere I looked the verdict was the same-‘Guilty until eternity’.

I wiped out the blood in the washroom watching the red colour flow down the sink. I threw away the paper cutter & wrapped my arm with my dupatta. I walked up to the lift & left the office.
Monday morning my boss got my resignation letter.

This post is a part of BLOGESHWAR 3.0 the topic being CRIME.

Guilty Until...

P.S: This post was the runner up at Blogeshwar 3.0 contest 🙂


24 thoughts on “Guilty Until Eternity

  1. errrr all writers discussion goin on here… should this good for nothing layman interfere? :P…

    anyway i will say what i have to….was nice to read … 🙂

  2. Looks like I shouldn’t participate in this one, this really was a nice post! Everything said and done you have my vote!

    The best part about your post was the narration and how you concluded it! 🙂

  3. like always, a brilliant post. the narration is simply awesome . the story is really touching. i’m looking forward to read your next post.

  4. i wouldn’t mind sounding like a giant forest hog but ask, “why did the protagonist resign?”
    good that u poked out the bloody eyes of the pervert..
    nice one! crispy!..
    best wishes for blogeshwar 3.0

    • yep..mostly women dont report crimes for fear of what ‘they’ will say. So I tried to point that out here.She is a strong willed resolved & ambitious girl, but she surrenders as if she is the criminal here. 😦

  5. The narration is crisp and the subject matter is apt, but the story for the theme of crime sounded a bit tamed down. Violence against women is a crime, but well, does it reflect that much up here? What amazed me is the very last line of the story, which in fact is a beautiful touch to an otherwise sober story 🙂

    All the best!
    P.S: Surprisingly, the lead characters name in my story is Rinaya 😀
    It’s totally unintentional 😛

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