Poke Me Not!

Its exam time again…so what am I doing here? Online & blogging? Not just blogging…I’m texting & active on Facebook as well! Multiple tabs in Firefox rocks, doesn’t it? Multiple time-wasting, the latest trend to hit the youth. Last night I logged into GTalk to ‘relax’ for an hour. 2hours later I was still chatting. Friends came & went, not a moment of boredom. And meanwhile a war of words was being ensued in the comments section of one of my pictures in Facebook. 2am I logged out finally, having just about enough energy to grab the quilt and snore! (hey, I don’t snore ok, that’s just an expression)

It’s a friend of mine who asked me for an article on this topic-is social networking making today’s youth more unsocial?

After last night I decided yes, they did. Not just because I wasted time chatting when I should be studying, but because nowadays I hardly talk to people (and by that I don’t mean voice-chat). Except at meal times, I hardly glance at Mom or Pa. And I just interact with my sister when I yell at her to get outta my room, that’s not exactly socializing is it?

My poor boyfriend is threatening he’ll turn gay if I continue ignoring him (he’s too good to leave me for another gal). And my not-online friends are just the happy faces smiling at me from the contacts list in my phone. All I remember of them is who sends Santa-Banta jokes and who sends Rajnikanth PJ’s!( coming to that, I hate those jokes, man they are called PJ’s for a reason!)

My world is fogged by pokes & messages and comments. As if having an internet connection on PC wasn’t enough I went & bought a smart-phone (E5) and got mobile internet. As if that wasn’t enough, I activated Facebook text alerts too! Now whether am eating, sleeping or whatever I can keep in touch with my friends… you got a new dress? Wow.. ‘like’.. you got dumped? Aww.. so sad ‘ 😦 ‘ you are breathing..? Geez me too .. ‘likes’ . God, I’m even reading forwarded e-mails!

Has my life reduced to this?
Facebooked Brain

Do I buy new dresses, wear them ASAP, click a pic , upload it & eagerly wait for comments? Do I update my status, spending a whole 10minutes on a single line trying to make it witty so I get many ‘likes’? Do I randomly browse people’s albums refusing to log out even if no one is online?

Dont wanna logout?

Am I living my life in reality or virtually? And am I the only one doing so?


17 thoughts on “Poke Me Not!

  1. well… when i am not at college or out playing… im at home browsing… it’s like if i dont come online for a few hours, i cant sleep! need to go to a rehab for facebook/orkut users!!!! oh and i watch tv with the remaining time! GREAT POST as always.. funny… 😀

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