Mind-full Post

I was day dreaming again. About the shopping trip scheduled for March 13th. The Sunday after exams end-the day of liberation! My book lay open, pages flipping by, at the whim of the overhead fan. Summer is here. The rising mercury directly proportional to the amount of sweat I produce and the speed of the ceiling fan. Sadly there’s no upper limit to the former case.

A buzzing noise drew my attention towards the balcony door. The fact that the buzz of a honey bee amidst all the hullabaloo of a Friday morning at 10am could catch my attention explains my level of concentration. I watched it fly all around my room. I don’t get it. Why do these creatures, lovers of flowers and nectar hover around in my filthy room uncleaned and unkempt from God-knows which century?! See, another mindless thought. But wait, why should it be called mindless? To think anything at all requires a mind nevertheless, doesn’t it?

“Let me out” a voice inside was screaming. I frowned. Exam tension, yes possible. But case of split personality and hallucination? Too much! That’s when I realised it is my head speaking to me. All these hours of half-hearted day dreaming seemed to have been too much for my poor over-capacitated head. Much like the Twitter whale that pops up now & then declaring it’s over the limit, my head too was making much undesirable noises.

So I sat down and let my head vent out whatever came to it. And the result is this mindless blog post that you have wasted your time reading (or if you are smart, have abandoned already at the first para).

Wish me luck I stay sane till 13th at least!