It Hurts

When words unsaid
get mislaid
in the hearts of friends
it hurts..

When in the blink of an eye
relations die
never to be renewed again
it hurts..

when I think I have it all
why do I trip & fall
why can’t it be the same
why does it have to hurt again?

why don’t you listen when I speak
just a moment of trust I seek
why twist all that you hear
does it have to end in tears…

When you lose your smile
even for a while
for something I just said
I know you’re hurt..

When you simply look away
hiding tears that say
that I made a mistake
I know you’re hurt..

We both hurt & we cry
doesn’t mean you & I
need to keep it that way..

So hear me out
just this once
give this thing
another chance…
‘coz both you & I know
how much it hurts…

it doesn't have to hurt..

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