Double Dhamaal With Me

Yes this review or rather rant against the Bollywood movie Double Dhamaal has a lot of spoilers that is, if you believe that there exists a storyline in the first place. I went to see this movie yesterday banking on the fact that Dhamaal had been an absolute ROFL type comedy movie. I can watch that time & again and never get tired. This I couldn’t watch without yawning. And to think I paid for the tickets in black…
Double Dhamaal

So after having given their wealth in charity the 4 friends Adi, Manav, Boman & Roy are broke again. Life’s not exactly easy & that’s when they come cross their enemy Inspector Kabir who’s now made it big in Mumbai. This doesn’t sound good to the friends as they knew Kabir had also given away money to the orphanage. The rest of the story shows how the friends are duped & re-duped (hence Double Dhamaal) by Kabir & Co. as they attempt to get rich.

*Spoiler: Kabir with his girlfriend Kamini & sister Kia cons people. He cons the gang & as the gang sets out to take revenge, he cons them again. There I saved you all a few bucks…

The climax was kind of good, but seriously didn’t meet up to the expectations I had. I felt like I was watching a stand-up comedy instead of a movie. The jokes were forced, except for the Sholay scene, it was hopeless. Most of the time it was a cacophony of dialogues & meaningless laughter. I laughed ‘coz hey, I paid money to watch this crap!

Dhamaal had a kind of freshness to it, it didn’t appear like a book of jokes at least. Double Dhamaal is more of an in-your-face slapstick humour which best suits the likes of Govinda! Boman dressed as a girl is impressive, I didn’t recognize him initially-there you go, the Govinda effect. Though the tennis balls have thankfully given way to something more plausible (no, I don’t know what he used). The little dialogues that were not supposed to be jokes fell flat. Farhad & Sajid must have fallen asleep while penning them. Mallika Sherwata does what she always does good-show skin & get away with it. Kangana Ranaut tries to act. The rest of the Dhamaal cast perform average. I really don’t blame them, the ‘plot’ is too flimsy.

So the verdict: watch this movie if you have nothing better to do, your TV broke down or you have already downloaded it. Even Ready had made more sense to me.

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