Wake Up Call

Last night I had a dream
of purple flowers and a clear blue stream
somber clouds like melted ice cream
and the sunlight dancing with the moonbeams

And I was dressed all pretty & nice
with a face that said it knew no vice
serene like the stream that flowed by my side
only a dream could show the Great Divide

For there were people attending to me
not treated like a doormat,a queen was she
powerful & regal with an auro so bright
It had to be a dream,it felt too right

I closed my eyes, willed time to stand still
afraid to lose this moment,afraid to feel
Afraid to wake up and lose this thrill
of being me again,not a puppet of your will

But then I knew,the moment became clear
this is who I was,I’d nothing to fear
Even when I wake up I will still be me
Holding my own,a queen I’ll be

All I’d ever needed I’d always had it in me
Hidden perhaps but now I could clearly see
All it took was just a dream to say
Wake up girl, from now on today is YOUR day!

You Are One Too..

Not This Time My Child…

Lajjo knew there was no escape to it but still the tears refused to stop. How could she do it? Her little baby, her child, wouldn’t she even get to see her face? Feel her little hand entwine on her fingers, know the delight of watching her small lips cry out “Ma” for the first time? She had spent her childhood playing with dolls & getting them married off. Won’t she get a chance to see her daughter off, bedecked in finery with the choicest jewels adorning her beautiful darling? Her heart felt as if it would burst out. She wanted to cry out loud, stop this injustice.

And then she remembered. She remembered her best friend from school, who was suddenly married off at the tender age of 14 only to be tortured endlessly by her in-laws for dowry, Meena who died during labour when she was 16. And then she remembered Anu, who had fallen in love with a boy from a different caste. All they had left of her was a small picture. She was smiling in it. She remembered Suman whom the elders of the village forbade from continuing her education in college & got her married of instead. Suman who always stood first, always knew the answers to the questions-was now a mother of 4 kids at 21. She shuddered when she remembered Gita. No one spoke of her in this village. She had embarrassed them all. Taken to the city by her uncle, it was rumoured she was sold off into the flesh trade. Not even her parents tried to find her…

Lajjo wiped her tears-“May be its better you are not born. The care I have given you till now, I can’t promise to protect you further. If I can’t protect you from your own father, what right do I have to bring you to this world? May be when the world is better, a mother like me will welcome you with a smile, somewhere. Not this time…not this time…”