Wake Up Call

Last night I had a dream
of purple flowers and a clear blue stream
somber clouds like melted ice cream
and the sunlight dancing with the moonbeams

And I was dressed all pretty & nice
with a face that said it knew no vice
serene like the stream that flowed by my side
only a dream could show the Great Divide

For there were people attending to me
not treated like a doormat,a queen was she
powerful & regal with an auro so bright
It had to be a dream,it felt too right

I closed my eyes, willed time to stand still
afraid to lose this moment,afraid to feel
Afraid to wake up and lose this thrill
of being me again,not a puppet of your will

But then I knew,the moment became clear
this is who I was,I’d nothing to fear
Even when I wake up I will still be me
Holding my own,a queen I’ll be

All I’d ever needed I’d always had it in me
Hidden perhaps but now I could clearly see
All it took was just a dream to say
Wake up girl, from now on today is YOUR day!

You Are One Too..

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