Being A Man

He craved for chocolates & mommy’s hug,
Papa’s pat on the back every time,
He finished his milk in the mug.

He was scared of the darkness in his room,
He wished Mom’s bedtime story,
Didn’t have to end so soon.

He waited for weekends for school to end,
For fun family picnics and,
Cricket matches with his friends.

One fine day he found his schoolmates,
Sporting funny moustaches,
And speaking of dates.

Confused & bewildered he stared at his face,
Just shiny red pimples and a mole,
Of a moustache simply no trace!

He saw his buddies smoke & drink,
Knowing he wasn’t a ‘dude’,
His heart would sadly sink.

He was dared to try & be as cool,
To whistle at girls or even wink,
And not be such a wimpy fool.

Then one day as they were hanging out,
Screeching tires, sickly crash,
And suddenly they heard people’s shouts.

Blood stained the road as the victims lay,
Shattered glass & a crowd,
No one lifting a finger to save the day.

His friends nudged him, it wasn’t their business,
Just leave the scene they said,
But he just couldn’t leave them lying helpless!

And so he did what he felt was the right thing to do,
Helped the needy even though,
He was as scared as his friends too.

Later at night when the family sat down,
His father beamed at him & so did his Mom,
To be lucky to have a son like him for their own.

He wasn’t a dude, didn’t have to be,
He didn’t have to smoke or,
Be rude for the world to see.

He had his heart in the right place,
And strong conscience that proudly said,
Don’t go by my height or my chubby face.

Watch me & trust me on day I can
Have the world at my feet
For make no mistake, I am a MAN!

Happy International Men’s Day! 🙂

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