Why this “Happy Period” is such a misnomer …

I’m sure many of us (women specially) must have questioned the concept of having a “happy period”. How can a human being entertain the remote idea of feeling happy when in pain? So why not actually turn the concept into something closer, like making it official that a female can take a paid leave from work when in her periods? We have maternity leaves-nowadays even for men, so why would one day a month taken off work/school/college be such a big deal?

While its true that not all women encounter pain during this time, I’ve seen many friends facing such horror that they are actually bedridden especially on the first two days. Someone explain to me why isn’t this considered as an actual medical issue & why do women feel so uncomfortable clarifying the reason when they take leave during such cases? In co-ed schools girls skip P.E classes giving any excuse but this. If you have loose motion of course you won’t announce it to the world, but why go such great lengths to hide it when you have periods? Using blue liquid in sanitary pads’ ads is understood but using flu as an excuse to skip work/college during periods-why?

The fact that women haven’t been stereotyped as being anything but delicate amuses me. We bleed for 5 whole days every damn month, carry around babies weighing 3-4kgs & later give birth to them at great risk to our own body for this?! So I don’t see why getting an official leave for menstrual pain will hamper any woman’s image- we are already cast as the damsel in distress! If anything having a menstrual cycle only reflects a healthy reproductive system-something we should be proud of, right?

Just a day off at this time always feels like a blessing to us. I myself feel so relieved when I get it on a weekend. No sitting through an hour long lecture cursing myself for wearing a cream coloured kurta! No sudden cramps that make it difficult to even sit still or have a conversation without contorting my face & sending a wrong message across. I usually tell people the truth if that happens & earn an empathetic look or a blah-blah-don’t-wanna-hear-more look depending on the gender of the person.

So here it is-lets have an official leave-just one day off, that’s all I ask. Our feminism isn’t just reflected in our curves & so-called assets, menstruating every month is also a part of who we are. If we can flaunt our bodies with style, why hide when we have periods?

And for the men who may mock the idea of taking a leave during periods, boy you need to get a menstrual cramp first & then we’ll see if you don’t come crying to mama!

14 thoughts on “Why this “Happy Period” is such a misnomer …

  1. Congratulations to you on writing this post. I’m pretty damn sure every woman out there who suffers from a painful period every month would agree with you. Absolutely agree with everything you’ve written…we do deserve a leave.

  2. Congrats Rinaya. I believe that ever women out there wants the same and you have voiced for everyone. These bold words should go in to the ears of people (especially men) who still don’t understand women!

  3. Congrats you represented it really great…Its definitely should not be an issue these days when TV ads are intelligent enough to teach everyone about the life of a woman through their blue fluid…. Being a male I definitely cannot feel the pain but I personally agree with you of a leave of a day in a month as you had stated earlier…. ultimately its good for the woman’s future…….

  4. Its an honour to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. Here’s the link-http://versa-ambiguity.blogspot.com/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html#!/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html

  5. I agree to the idea. i think there should be something a two day continuous leave for every woman. I don’t say this because I show any sympathy. Look at the business side of it. You never want someone in your office not feeling fine. You always want energetic and raring to go.
    May be one day we’ll be able to get women-reservation free world giving two holidays a month….

    • I’m glad I found someone else who agrees 🙂 It’d be indeed a blessing for many women if such holidays were made official…hope so it happens someday!

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