Why My Vacations Suck!

There I said it. My vacations suck…no wait…technically I don’t get to have vacations. All I have are endless days of not doing anything but staring at the TV or the laptop. I spend my college hours dreaming of the perfect vacation-making plans that are fool-proof except for the parental approval stamp, checking out tourism sites, even picking out a wardrobe & most importantly bragging before friends-only to land back to earth with a thump that resonates all through the holidays. This summer it was Goa. My friends had been calling me for ages & one of my old “BFF” had suddenly rediscovered my existence too. I had it all planned. For lack of company I’d even compromised & agreed to rope in an ex! But my Mom kicked up such a fuss almost as if she were sending me to war. Case closed.
Then came winter & a chance remark from Papa sent me to Andaman Islands-in my dreams that is… I spent my pre-exam-desperate-revision time browsing the tourist spots of the islands & pestering another classmate who’d been there already. I was picking out ideal packages for scuba diving when Mom declared we are not going. I tried to blackmail ( threats of eating up all food in the house…didn’t want to fast, one Anna Hazare in the country is enough). I tried to cajole & tempt Mom with promises of doing all the housework…but nah! To top it off I have a good-for-nothing sister who refuses to leave the house unless there’s any natural calamity. So this winter too I am stuck home with nothing to do. What better way to numb a mind & kill all creativity?
I won’t call this phase writer’s block, its more like a famine of ideas & lack of anything exciting happening to me-except the really surprising runners-up prize from Indiblogger & Dove. I think that shall be the hallmark of 2011 for me.
Now that I have ranted I feel much lighter. I shall get back to form as college begins, till then dear reader do excuse your truly!
P.S: if you’re looking for some good stuff do checkout the online magazine Flight of Words that’s co-managed by me. Hope you have fun there!
P.P.S: A belated Merry Christmas. May you shed all the weight you gained this Christmas in 2012 😛

7 thoughts on “Why My Vacations Suck!

  1. Abe yaar……. ye toh mein hamesha sunta aa raha hun……. tera koi perfect vacation ho hi nahi sakta…… dnt mak plans beforhand……

  2. hmmm…… trust me vacation always is not a walk in the park either… in the last 40-50 days i have been in the comfort of my home not more than 10 days… and now when i sleep, i wake up only 10-15 hours later…. anyway.. funny and awesome post as always!!!!!

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