Black & White

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The saffron strands of the welcoming dawn,
Stretching out across the dull sky,
The lazily rising orange sun,
Sending a gentle breezy yawn…

The sparkling glass of red wine,
The bindi on the forehead of the bride,
Velvet soft petals of the rose,
And the rubys’ elegant shine…

The frolicking ocean shimmering blue,
Beautiful mermaids with golden curls,
Seagulls that echo songs of yore,
And the ship providing this view…

Mountains & valleys, fables from afar,
Tales of gore & beauty at par,
Rainbows that come with pots of gold,
Legends that claim to be centuries old.

All that I know & all that I dream,
Most of these treasures I have never seen,
No mermaid, no fairy, no beast have I met,
No boat rides watching the lovely sunset…

All that I know & all that I write…
I owe to my best friends in black & white.
I owe it all to those dog-eared pages I turn now & then,
That send me on trips should I chose hell or heaven.

Colours make this world beautiful, tis true..
but who better than a book can show it to you?

girl in library

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