When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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Mamma, are we there yet…?” his baby voice, muffled underneath
layers of warm clothing, scarves & cap to beat the winter chill
reached my ears & I smiled, “No sweetheart, there’s still time…
why don’t you sleep awhile?

No, look there’s a little puppy…he looks so lonely…
Mamma do you know where is his Mamma?
” he asked.
She must have gone to bring him food, his favourite
chocolates & ice cream too…
” I paused & smiled
at him & winked-“there’s some for you too..

As he happily munched on his many chocolate bars
and silence made its way back into the car,
I too welcomed back those memories of bygone
Like my first day to school in that very same car…
Those first few days of awkward and shy hi & hello’s
White polished shoes, ribbons & kneeling on cold stone corridors.
The sound of the school bell that caused both panic & much cheer,
Summer holidays, missing friends & the long wait for results..
The last journey from school to home in this car…

My eyes fell on the dashboard, at the picture of us both
The one where I looked like a nerd that I was & both,
smiling like only fools secretly in love do…
The college canteen was visible in the backdrop I noticed
Flashes of birthday treats of Idli’s & Dosa’s I could now see,
those long lab hours & the movies with you bunking classes
mime artists we all were once, dancers & actors anything but students
And I now wish I could back a decade & may be meet you again
the catch being we repeat the journey & it doesn’t ever end.

I looked back & was in time to catch him smiling in his sleep,
Perhaps he was dreaming of his favourite super-hero, I wish I knew…
Another hour before the journey ends, another hour from a big lonely home
Like a wanderer in a desert I’d wished to reach the oasis & each time
the mirage shimmered & mocked at my foolhardiness as it disappeared
and I was left alone wondering if I took the wrong turn en route?
Maybe I should have not chased the rainbow too far and just
enjoyed walking in the rain, holding on tightly to your warm hand
the very hand that today has signed the fate of my lonely journey…
Did you even remember that pen was a gift from me?

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21 thoughts on “When Journey Meant More Than Destination

  1. “Maybe I should have not chased the rainbow too far and just
    enjoyed walking in the rain”
    lovely line! 🙂
    liked it! all the best !! 🙂

  2. Very well written story .. thought I thought it is about sorrow, the story in itself brings more positive things to the forefront than the sadness; that is the success of the story teller 🙂

  3. very good interpretation of the title!!! bt scientifically a car cant last for more than 20 years (which u have not considered!! :P)…..neway the sequence of recalling chidhood memories and then the youthful ones is good!!

  4. Wow…this is such a beautiful piece. I tend to stick to humour in my writings because stuff like this never comes easily to me. What I loved most about this is the way you have effectively portrayed so much in such less words. And THAT is no mean feat…

    • Thanks …:) well isn’t poetry about portraying too much in too few lines..?
      And I do write humourous stuff too…on my Blogger account..do check mywhisperingsilence.blogspot.com

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