Conversation vs. Arguments



Given the topic, I spent a lot of time contemplating it, there were too many conversations to choose from. But when I was an adolescent…mom & I never had conversations, we had arguments. It was mostly about padhai-likhai, wasting time & hanging around with the wrong friends who’re out to spoil you. Past school days it was about career, about maths(shudders) & about my numerous dealings with boy(s). Then it was about my boyfriend & my wardrobe.

The arguments remain & I don’t ever want then to stop. Because I know that these arguments are the reason why I am what I am today. I know not to stop at being just average, to aim for bringing out the best in me. I know how to multi-task & manage my time. I know who my real friends are & who are just there hanging around, the fair-weather hypocrites. I know which way am headed, questioning myself, realizing my strengths & weaknesses. I know which guy to trust & where to draw the line. And I know that dressing smartly & feeling confident about the way you look, matters far more than striving to be sexy.

Mothers are supposed to be your best friends & mine definitely is the perfect best friend around. Strict when you need some sense to be sunk into your head, sensible with solutions when you’ve once again messed up, ready to forgive when you realize your mistake & who knows a joke when she sees one.

My mom & I are both talkative and can go on for hours on end. I can discuss anything & everything with her, (including silly non veg jokes, yes!). Yet as much as I enjoy those conversations , its always the arguments that change me into someone better.

What’s more fun than best friends arguing & making up later?!


2 thoughts on “Conversation vs. Arguments

  1. my mom argues with me but loses.. still for a mother of a guy, whose got into so much trouble at school as i have . she trusts me more than most mothers trust their sons to behave. and that keeps me out of trouble. almost :p .. i am waiting for at least a mediocre post from you… everything you write is good .

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