The Difference Between a P And an F

….could cost a child his life….

I’ll be short & precise. Our education system sucks & so do some of the so-called teachers. From ego-centric to money-minded, we have all kinds trying to ‘teach’ students & ‘shape the future generation’. God save India!

When my sister called home with the news that one her college-mates is missing, we were aghast. And angry when we heard the reason why. It seems that the guy had got an ‘F’ in one of his practical subjects & because of this his CGPA got screwed up. Like most of the students he had obtained a loan from the bank to pay for his education. But a poor CGPA means no further loans( am not sure about the benchmark in this). In spite of pleading repeatedly with the faculty & the particular teacher, he didn’t get the pass grade ‘P’. Quite obviously distressed he left the hostel & is still missing!

Take another case. A premier college of our city is bent upon banning & rusticating students on alleged ragging cases. And not just once…These students are sometimes even thrown out in the middle of the night from the hostel, with nowhere to go to! This is done without proper verification of the case.

I agree grades are important & just giving away a P, would be very unfair to others. But when the case is such that a student may have to end his career, is it bad to show a bit of leniency? Was it right on the part of the teacher to abuse the student & claim he doesn’t give two hoots about whether he stays in the college or not?! If a child gets an F isn’t that partly the teacher’s fault too? We all doze in the class & very few bother to take notes. Not every teacher is as interesting or good as your favourite one, right? So why just blame the student when they fail?

The Missing Student

Ragging is a punishable offence, I agree. But what happens when juniors decide to use it to harass the seniors? Institutions don’t give a second thought & jump to the conclusion that the junior is the victim. Shouldn’t both the parties be given a fair chance? Why involve money in this case? When an accused doesn’t pay, throw him off the campus?

And dare you raise your voice, or your dreams of campus placement will get over before you know!

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