Before Sunset

When you were here..

I thought I’d found my way

Around this world

Beyond chaos

I’d found my way

You touched my soul

Don’t know why I let u do it

Why I let you in

So deep so deep within

That you could touch my soul

And then you left

Creating that chaos

Once again

Creating a chaos within

Don’t know why I let you in…

And now am lost

Don’t know what to blame

Notorious fate

Myself or you

Or just enjoy the chaos within…

P.S: Penned this right after I finished Before Sunset-that awesome sequel to Before Sunrise…do watch it!

Before Sunset

Celebrations With Online Shopping

She looked at me suspiciously. “Go on…open it…” I cajoled her. “If this is some kind of a joke, you’d pay for it!” “Pay I already did…” I muttered to myself. “Just open it, will you?” She opened it & removed the item causing a huge outburst of laughter from all the girls around. A sexy piece of red lingerie!!! “Happy birthday honey….”
And that’s how you celebrate one of your best friend’s birthday! Thanks to online shopping I’d no reason to visit any shop & face acute embarrassment of describing afore mentioned piece of lingerie to the store uncle. It was all about lots of options to choose from, getting opinions from all friends & then picking the right one. No haggling over prices, ‘coz you know this site sells it the cheapest. No worries about ‘kab aaega?’ as from experience I knew it’d be there within a week. So far this was my best experience in online shopping.
Simple, short & cheap, that’s what online shopping means for me. Am sure you’d have tried sometime too. So share your experience here or participate in BlogAdda’s contest.


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