The Best Thing in Life is…

wowbadgeThe best thing in life is, to be able to be with your loved ones….naaah! They nag a lot, expect a lot & give you nothing but a headache!

The best thing in life is to have friends you can share everything with…naaah! My ex cheated on me with my best friend!

The best thing in life, for me, is to be able to lie down, propped on pillows, specs on, in the dead of the night, with a book in my hands. No coffee for me please, the book’s enough to keep me awake. No pressure of pending work, no one awake around you (except the ‘bahadur’, but then he shows up only towards the end of the month), just the book. I’m a reader, an ardent, vivid (& a whole lot of adjectives thrown in) kind of reader. I read everything, signs on the road when in the car, a magazine when waiting for friends in the parlour, the morning newspaper (carefully avoiding the national politics part) & of course novels. Well, I do even read my text books, so that should prove I read everything!


My favourite part about books is that they don’t mind if you don’t like them or give them bad reviews. A book won’t get jealous if you start reading another in the middle of the first one. You can interpret them as you like & no one can tell you ‘you got me all wrong’. You can re-live the best parts again & again. You can skip the parts you don’t like & save yourself all the pain! I think books are a beautiful way to let you be. Here’s one thing you do for yourself-you dress to impress others, you eat carefully to look good,  you date people who make you feel good about yourself. But with books, it’s just you.

I really wish everyone could try this once. Grab a book & give it a chance. No matter the genre, if it’s a cheesy love story or a philosophical Paulo Coelho, whatever works! The next time you’re lonely, don’t look for a person to be with. Just take a trip down to the library, get a dog eared yellow paged book or visit a store & buy one. Mmmm the smell of the fresh pages of a book…

This post is a part of  Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


6 thoughts on “The Best Thing in Life is…

  1. Great one, I totally agree with you on this one…..Though I got enlightened a little late but lonely or not, truly with books, its just you ……. 🙂

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