The Akashdeep

The kaleidoscopic night beckons

as I climb to the roof

the steps that lead upstairs light up

sparkling my way then suddenly poof!


I gaze up to find the stars doing their best

to shine their due

As a tiny rocket flies by unsure and

a thousands stars burst through


The night is beautiful to say the least

I wonder then why

My heart feels sad as I think of them

who’re behind this dazzling sky


The thundering of those Chinese crackers

sound like an applause

For those little hands that made it all

working nights  without a pause


The stars you see, bright & colourful

why does it look so alike

the little dreams of their little hearts

momentarily full of delight


The night goes on and crackers burn

how many no one remembers

some flower-pots make their way up high

only to end in embers


I stood there and wondered what sense

does it make at all?

To burn up dreams, money aplenty ending

next morning in a smoky pall…


And then I spotted the red ‘Akashdeep’

floating silently with the breeze

nonchalantly it waved its way to say

“I’m not here to please…”


On a falling star real or fake, I then made this wish

may every kid be like that Akashdeep

Rising high to never look down again ever

Have hopes & dreams that they get to keep


To have the right to smile & smile so bright

that every cracker fades in shame

To dazzle the night with their innocence

& Diwali shall never be the same…

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