Rape Is Never Okay

I’m moving to Gurgaon in less than a month.A job, a new life,I should be happy.But am more scared than anything. Having lived my life in what can be called as a small city(as compared to metros), I am unsure about staying safe.Not that Bhubaneswar is some rape free zone, where  a woman can walk alone on the streets post 7 PM. You take a random newspaper of any date & I can assure you, you’d find at least one rape case mentioned in there. And never any news of a rapist being punished. Ours is a country where even a doctor doesn’t hesitate before raping a victim who’s come for medical examination! Forget doctors, there are fathers raping their own daughters here.

Sometimes I wonder what prompts a rapist to be one?Unlike the popular opinion that it’s the way the girl dresses, I believe a man turns a rapist because he wants to. It has absolutely no relation with the way she dresses, behaves or if she is inebriated. If the case had been otherwise, wouldn’t all those actresses with minimal attire been raped already? A rapist rapes because he knows he can do it & get away with it. He doesn’t see if the girl’s with a guy (in which case gang rapes occur)or alone, what time is it, they are in a moving bus, train or auto! I believe such acts are those of people suffering from mental illness. Though that doesn’t mean they can get away with it. What other reason could you state for such a behaviour? What could prompt a stranger from carrying out such a heinous act on another human without any provocation? If you think you can justify a girl’s attire can be a cause then I can say all thieves, muggers are then equally innocent, for your wealth/attire is equally responsible. Why then, cops who preach morality & question the character of a rape victim should start calling the income tax department when you make a complaint of robbery!




I wish I could claim that making prostitution a legal profession would solve things. But that would only result in women being raped repeatedly not just once. I wish I could say teaching your daughter martial arts would make it better, but then dogs hunt in a group. I am amused by the solutions offered by our politicians & leaders though. Why this treatment of the victim as the offender? Why does she have to get married early, stay indoors after dark, refrain from using modern technology? Rape isn’t a problem just for women, is it? Doesn’t the brother/friend/father of the victim feel the pain as well?Didn’t the girl’s friend get beaten with an iron rod when he tried to protect her?

To put the blame on the gender is completely wrong. Just because some men behave like dogs, doesn’t mean all men are maniacs who can’t control their primal desires. Restrictions should be applied on both. I agree it’ll be  long time before a woman can walk on the road alone in the evening, travel alone & stay alone, without fearing an attack. Until then practising a little caution & using some common sense can go a long way in helping women. Why risk going alone when you can have a friend for company? Why dress in a manner just because it’s fashionable & everyone wears so, when you know the area you’re in isn’t safe? When it comes to attire its well known that women dress for other women never for men, so ladies let’s keep it sensible shall we?

As for men, ignoring all the comments about thinking from a place other than the brain & stuff, I suggest they start respecting women. Just because you’re not raping them, doesn’t make standing there doing nothing a bravado either! Times are changing, women are competing with men & chivalry has long since been dead. Yet how about a little respect & concern for another human being? Women don’t want to be treated like fragile little show pieces, nor they want you treat them like some super hero(ine). Treating them as human beings will do alright!

As for my personal belief, I think there needs to be stricter punishments for such dogs & faster prosecution of such cases. People need to rediscover their sense & realize that the rapist is the one with the shameful act, not the victim. The victim should be helped in all manners & not discriminated against, much less be killed for the sake of the family’s honour!

Let’s be human for a change.



3 thoughts on “Rape Is Never Okay

  1. Nothing can justify rape. You cannot even rape a prostitute, not even a promiscuous woman. An adult woman HAS the right to have sex WHEN she wants it. And when she says no and you force her, it’s rape. It’s a crime. Which needs to have ample punishment. So many rapists of minor children are awarded the death sentence but easily get a Presidential pardon. It’s simply not done. Not anymore after yesterday!

  2. Well points out the facts 🙂 , but by observation , the so called modernisation has just brought about more and more of such incidents.
    And its definitely the fact that “They can , and then get away with it” that gives them the courage do it.

  3. the only fool-proof and fair solution could be: curfew all over india. All men and women get indoors within 6pm, because why should only women stay indoors after dark? i can tell you this, a girl’s attire doesn’t provoke a man to rape. i mean, why else do you think burkha-clad women are getting raped in pakistan and afghanistan? that is an excuse that guys give like, “it was her dress” or “she is of bad character, and i was teaching her a lesson”. Well that’s total rubbish. You want a real solution? I suppose, one solution exists. It is merely an observation, though. Just study the one thing common among all countries who are top-rankers in rape. pre-marital sex is a punishable offence in all these countries. Shocking? Shouldn’t be. People now are watching and knowing more about the western countries, and i think there could be a feeling of wanting things that way. not getting makes them fall back on the backbone of India’s driving force: ‘Jugaad’. the principle of ‘Jugaad’ is simple “you dont get something you want, seize (jugaad) it any way”. i think you get my point.

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