…and the world was silent again

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She drew blood again with another venomous strike. Warm liquid touched her frozen bare feet. His scared eyes kept staring at her unforgiving ones. She bent to pick up the fallen shawl, now crimson stained & wrapped it around her shoulders. She realized she wasn’t afraid now; she stopped sobbing…and the world was silent again.






She’s a mother..a sister & a daughter.. Duhita and an Ardhaangini She’s Durga…She’s Kaali.. Love her, Fear her, Respect her She’s a woman!



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18 thoughts on “…and the world was silent again

  1. Yea… people worship Godess but they seem to have forgot the purpose.
    These beasts should be punished else if they are left free they know nothing can happen to them and they they will not think again before pouncing on the next victim.
    Nice. Short and precise. All the best for BATOM. And thanks for the tip. To be frank I was not aware that word verification was active on my blog. Thats first thing m going to update once I am on my laptop

  2. A dark, crisp and whole lot of untold things told in 55 words! I re-read it , coz the way you have expressed is amazingly beautiful, just makes me say ‘Wow’. The last line was powerful ..

  3. Woah! Very nice. And very fear inducing 🙂 The person here is her husband or just some bad guy?

    I liked it. Like the part about love her, FEAR her… makes me feel good about myself when I think of my wife 🙂

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