Say Cheers! one day I’d like to relive huh? Let’s see…should it be the day I first met my school time crush?The day I had my first date? The day I topped in my graduation honours? Definitely the day I landed myself a job?

Naaah….it’s the day I had a booze party with my roommate!! Yes,check the name, am a girl & am publicly acknowledging that me & my roommate(female…duh!) got drunk one Sunday night! Before you make any assumptions with your raised eyebrows or start imagining stupid stuff thanks to the American Pie kinda movies, let me tell you-all we did was drink,get high & laugh our guts out!

Two girls-not visiting any pubs (Gurgaon me bar & pubs?Classic case of aa bail mujhe maar!), no drunken driving, no abusive, irrational, indecent behaviour, no devdasi syndrome either …drunk for the sake of pure fun! How we managed to buy a bottle is another story. So anyway , we munched on tasty chicken legs, got high on vokda & danced in our tiny room as my laptop blared Linkin Park & Daddy Yankee. We laughed like we’ve never cried, called our exes & made a joke of them (I finally told my ex that he’d ruined my first kiss-I felt like the princess kissing a frog,sadly the frog didn’t even turn into a prince!). Somewhere after an hour or two, we calmed down & slept peacefully.

If I were to repeat a day,I sure as hell would repeat that amazing night minus of course the hangover. Lesson learnt-never drink on Sunday night!













P.S:Am not glorifying drinking and certainly not by any means implying that one can have fun only when they are on a high. For me it was fun because it was a once in a blue moon thing. So frequent drinkers stop smirking & those who haven’t touched alcohol kindly stop doing that ‘hawwww

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