Say Cheers! one day I’d like to relive huh? Let’s see…should it be the day I first met my school time crush?The day I had my first date? The day I topped in my graduation honours? Definitely the day I landed myself a job?

Naaah….it’s the day I had a booze party with my roommate!! Yes,check the name, am a girl & am publicly acknowledging that me & my roommate(female…duh!) got drunk one Sunday night! Before you make any assumptions with your raised eyebrows or start imagining stupid stuff thanks to the American Pie kinda movies, let me tell you-all we did was drink,get high & laugh our guts out!

Two girls-not visiting any pubs (Gurgaon me bar & pubs?Classic case of aa bail mujhe maar!), no drunken driving, no abusive, irrational, indecent behaviour, no devdasi syndrome either …drunk for the sake of pure fun! How we managed to buy a bottle is another story. So anyway , we munched on tasty chicken legs, got high on vokda & danced in our tiny room as my laptop blared Linkin Park & Daddy Yankee. We laughed like we’ve never cried, called our exes & made a joke of them (I finally told my ex that he’d ruined my first kiss-I felt like the princess kissing a frog,sadly the frog didn’t even turn into a prince!). Somewhere after an hour or two, we calmed down & slept peacefully.

If I were to repeat a day,I sure as hell would repeat that amazing night minus of course the hangover. Lesson learnt-never drink on Sunday night!













P.S:Am not glorifying drinking and certainly not by any means implying that one can have fun only when they are on a high. For me it was fun because it was a once in a blue moon thing. So frequent drinkers stop smirking & those who haven’t touched alcohol kindly stop doing that ‘hawwww

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If We Meet

Meeting strangers is nothing new for this generation. We do it everyday-add strangers on our online social (virtual) circle just because they have a cool/hot (depending on your gender) display picture. We adjust with strangers all the time, at school, offices, sometimes even get married to strangers we’ve never seen before (it happens only in India). But would you meet a random person and just start talking to them?

I’m a big fan of Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. I daydream about meeting a handsome stranger (yes, handsome is a prerequisite, what? I’m only human!) & fleeing with him on a random senseless detour from my everyday humdrum life. I want to meet someone who for once looks deep into my eyes, beyond my spectacles & continues poking at my intellect (or whatever there is of it). Someone who has a problem with Paulo Coelho’s writing like I do & someone who’d fight with me over the eccentrics allowed to a writer. Who would discuss with me about life & death and that faulty see-saw called Karma.

What would happen when I meet that stranger? That moment when our eyes would meet, will we acknowledge each other or treat this as an irrelevant incident? Will we take the chance & explore the unknown facets of life together or turn our heads back, returning to the safety of the known? We won’t ask each other our names, for names are just nouns…proper nouns meant to identify you. Who needs that when I already know your thoughts & you? Will we take down our addresses or phone numbers? May be if you stimulate my mind enough to make me hungry for more.

We would not talk about personal stuff. As much as I value your opinions I’d never ask if you have a family. I am not going to delve into your life & try to judge you by the mistakes you made and the accomplishments you claim to be yours, for I know life isn’t the way we want it to be. So let me just ask what you want & why. Show me who and what you are & I’ll do the same. Let the world see us as strangers.

I’m waiting to meet you, stranger & then see what happens next.

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WOW Post :)

WOW Post 🙂

A Hairy Revenge

Rishi raised an eyebrow-“okay are you sure this will work?” Varun was holding up a skirt that looked like it belonged to the kid’s section. “Yes dude! Your girl has the longest legs anyone has ever seen in our college & this baby will look fantastic on her!” “Hey hey that’s my gal you’re talking about. I don’t want her flaunting her legs for everyone. That’s why I like that she’s always in a suit. This will be just for our V-day special date okay? Stop getting any ideas!” “Yeah man, that will be one helluva surprise V-day date. Serves you right for stealing all my crushes since school” Varun thought to himself & smirked.


“Why … why did you do this to me Varun? She’s your neighbour. You see her all the time. You knew…don’t lie to me…you knew this would happen!” Rishi was literally crying out.

“Oh boy don’t you wish she had opted for hair removal? But what can you do, she has always been like this! So what did you say first when you watched her walk in on her long & hairy legs at CCD?”

“You did this on purpose?!”

“Chill, it was just for fun…take my advice & gift her a Gillette Satin Care instead!” Varun was still laughing.

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