A Summer Without an Umbrella

As I am writing this I can still smell the heavenly scent of the wet earth right after a shower. I almost could hear the dialogue from Raaz where the ghost is like “barson se is zameen pe baarish ki ek boond tak na giri….par aaj yahan tufaan aaega…”. (in short : its gonna rain like hell baby!) Too bad the so-called tufaan lasted a whole of 20min after that it reduced to a meeker version of my bathroom shower. Even God is preserving water.

It has been a hot summer all over India. Here in Odisha you don’t get the loo-but you get something worse-humidity. That chip-chip feeling like you have got gum stuck all over your face. And the sun…I admire those aunties in their jogging outfits(read salwar suits) treading along at 6am in the scorching sun! By the time it is midday I can fry an egg on our rooftop, not that I have tried but I assume so. And the power cuts! Heaven save us from the merciless power cuts we have. It’s more like intermittent power supply for 45 minutes intervals! The first one being 1-1:45. No wonder all matinee & noon shows run houseful here, no matter what the movie is! And pack up that AC please, we don’t have enough voltage to run one either.

And let me tell you about the new umbrella I purchased. It cost me Rs180 of my hard-earned money & I happily trotted home with it. The next morning as I left home proudly holding that lovely blue umbrella, it simply closed! Yes, it was a damaged piece, the 2-fold section had come loose. I tried dhamkaying the shop-keeper, cajoled with him, flirted (to some extent) & still he refused to exchange it, arguing the non-existent strong winds must have made the rod loose. I dared not buy another one without my Mom around me.

So what’s a girl to do without an umbrella? Rely on her shades & sunscreen of course. With a skin like mine that takes its own time to decide whether it’s dry or oily, finding a sunscreen isn’t easy. But then I met this Lakme Diva Kyra who claimed to have the perfect sunscreen for me! She claimed she uses it always (not in the night silly!) & then proudly showed off her un-tanned flawless skin as proof. “So you mean to say I can skip the behenji type full length kurtis & actually wear my spaghettis??”

So now I don’t care if today it didn’t rain too much, let the sun shine tomorrow in all its glory. Am going out with my Lakme Sun Expert & my shades… what about you?

P.S: Am taking my Mom with me to that shopkeeper soon, to get my 180 buck back. God save the shopkeeper *evil laughter*

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Lakme Diva Blogger Contest

Lakme Diva Blogger Contest

Ye Baal Mujhe De De

This has been the dialogue in my mind whenever I saw anyone with a mop of flirtatious curly/wavy hair walk by me. I craved for that hair, suffered to see those messy tresses tied down most inhumanely into a pony or worse a bun…watched in fascination as a few strands would break free & embrace the cool breeze and danced happily. And then I would feel my hair, limp & unenergetic *sigh!

Yes I have straight hair, as straight as it can get. So straight & non-messy that my friends in school used to play around with it trying to mess it up & all I needed to do was shake my head like a dog wags its tail & bingo! Straight again! You have no idea how much it broke my heart. And the irony of fate-girls with the tresses I’d kill for, coming to me & muttering how great it must be to have perfectly straight hair…how they have a hard time managing their curls, how their hair won’t listen to them at all! Until std10 I sported a hairstyle that our Chemistry ma’am had best described as “scientist’s hairdo”, the scientist in question not being Newton though. I looked like how Shabana Azmi would have after 1 month of shooting for Water(or fire…earth..God knows what was the movie!)

Finally I grew out my hair hoping a miracle would occur & I’d at least inherit my Mom’s wavy tresses(Pa didn’t have much hair for me to recognize whether it was straight or wavy). Sadly that never happened. All that happened was the change in city & the humid climate thinned down my hair. 2 years later I could be found in my room, lost in profound thoughts staring at the strands of hair on my comb *sob! I tried everything, from henna to olive oil(turned out that was a cooking oil). I wore scarves to protect my hair, admonished my boyfriend when his speed limit crossed 40km/hr & finally rescued my hair!:D

And then suddenly I discovered hair stylers. Yes now even if for a few hours even I could have those lovely curls on my head! I was ecstatic until I heard the warnings of my friends about the damage it causes to the hair making it dry & frizzzly. I’d almost given up on the thought when thanks to Indiblogger, I found a Dove gift hamper at my doorstep. It was the latest range of products they had-the Dove Oil Care shampoo, conditioner, serum & mask. One it was free and two, it was just the thing I needed to ensure I don’t end up bald after all the styling I’d be going into!
And so here I am from boring straight to maggi noodles & en route a lot more experiments & adventures with my hair!

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