The Amazing Spiderman Reviewed

First things first-Andrew Garfield is super cool as spidey! And am sure most girls would agree with me. Not that we didn’t miss Tobey Maguire, yet Andrew kind of evened out the loss… And one of my favourite actors Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, was a treat to watch. Rhys Ifans as Dr.Curt was quite convincing as the “mad scientist” & as the lizard too if I may add. Irrfan Khan had a screen time of about 15 min & still played it well. It was the usual “come-late-by-15-min-&-you-miss-it” kind of role.

Irrfan Khan in spiderman 4

Irrfan Khan-the bad guy


About the story, as we all know Peter Parker stayed with his uncle & aunt, this movie tells us why & how he got there & what happens when your basement floods.. .kidding! I’d have liked if they hadn’t changed the plot all that. But then it’s good, Garfield as Peter & Kirsten Dunst (MJ )wouldn’t match anyway. And I like the way Peter gets bitten & the after-effects. That’s way hilarious than what you get in the first movie. This Spiderman is naughty, this Spidey is fun!

Andrew Garfield as spiderman

The story moves on as we know, Uncle Ben gets killed & Peter realises his responsibilities. Only the Green Goblin is replaced by a huge creepy lizard roaming about wearing a lab coat. Rest is the usual bad guy vs. Spiderman fight.The Amazing Spiderman has many gory scenes to boast about I tell you so better not watch this with that popcorn(or maybe am too sensitive).

Favourite Scene:

Although the top contender for the favourite scene was the one in the train when Peter comes face to face with his new abilities, my favourite was the one when he saves that kid from the burning car. As father & son are reunited, Spiderman looks on…and even with the mask on, you know he’s missing his father terribly!

3D Effects:

If you’re not watching this in 3D don’t watch it all! I simply loved the special effects, though I wasn’t hooting like the rest of the audience! The fight between the Lizard & Spiderman was the best in 3D. This was way better than MIB-3 at least!

The only bummer was the movie was subbed in Hindi…& my cheap 3D glasses kept getting blurry. So I shall deduct .5 for that & give this movie a 3.5/5. Make sure you watch it this weekend.

Double Dhamaal With Me

Yes this review or rather rant against the Bollywood movie Double Dhamaal has a lot of spoilers that is, if you believe that there exists a storyline in the first place. I went to see this movie yesterday banking on the fact that Dhamaal had been an absolute ROFL type comedy movie. I can watch that time & again and never get tired. This I couldn’t watch without yawning. And to think I paid for the tickets in black…
Double Dhamaal

So after having given their wealth in charity the 4 friends Adi, Manav, Boman & Roy are broke again. Life’s not exactly easy & that’s when they come cross their enemy Inspector Kabir who’s now made it big in Mumbai. This doesn’t sound good to the friends as they knew Kabir had also given away money to the orphanage. The rest of the story shows how the friends are duped & re-duped (hence Double Dhamaal) by Kabir & Co. as they attempt to get rich.

*Spoiler: Kabir with his girlfriend Kamini & sister Kia cons people. He cons the gang & as the gang sets out to take revenge, he cons them again. There I saved you all a few bucks…

The climax was kind of good, but seriously didn’t meet up to the expectations I had. I felt like I was watching a stand-up comedy instead of a movie. The jokes were forced, except for the Sholay scene, it was hopeless. Most of the time it was a cacophony of dialogues & meaningless laughter. I laughed ‘coz hey, I paid money to watch this crap!

Dhamaal had a kind of freshness to it, it didn’t appear like a book of jokes at least. Double Dhamaal is more of an in-your-face slapstick humour which best suits the likes of Govinda! Boman dressed as a girl is impressive, I didn’t recognize him initially-there you go, the Govinda effect. Though the tennis balls have thankfully given way to something more plausible (no, I don’t know what he used). The little dialogues that were not supposed to be jokes fell flat. Farhad & Sajid must have fallen asleep while penning them. Mallika Sherwata does what she always does good-show skin & get away with it. Kangana Ranaut tries to act. The rest of the Dhamaal cast perform average. I really don’t blame them, the ‘plot’ is too flimsy.

So the verdict: watch this movie if you have nothing better to do, your TV broke down or you have already downloaded it. Even Ready had made more sense to me.

The Other End of The Line

Yes I am talking about the movie by James Dodson released in 2008-The Other End Of The Line starring Jesse Metcalfe & Shriya Saran in the lead. What started out as a fun flick well, had me in tears. Yeah, odd since I am a girl rarely touched by books let alone a movie. So here is the synopsis-warning skip the following para if you like to keep the storyline a surprise.
The Other End of The Line
Jesse Metcalfe plays the role of an everyday American-with a girlfriend who is a perfect match for him, a good job in the advertisement sector where his recent project involves designing an ad for a chain of hotels & also with the inevitable credit card problems. That’s when Puja played by Shriya, steps in-she’s the voice of Citi Bank, that is assigned the job to solve Granger’s fraudulent credit card dealings. I won’t say its love-at-first-hello, it’s rather a slow sweet process with Jennifer David (Priya’s pseudo name) offering Granger advice on how to get rid of common cold. Soon they get talking on issues other than credit cards, sometimes about Granger’s personal life & sometimes about what the moon looks like. And then the moment arrives when Granger expresses his wish to meet Jennifer who is supposedly in San Francisco.

And you guessed it, Priya who is by the way engaged to a very kiddish mamma’s boy Vikram (or was it Virat? I really don’t remember) runs off to San Francisco to meet her crush. Ah but Indians being Indians, somehow the feeling creeps in to her that Granger might not like her after all. And so she hides from him leaving him disheartened. As fate would have it, they bump into each other(literally) & well, they had already kicked off hadn’t they? But the twist is, Priya doesn’t explain that she is the ‘voice at the other end of the line’. The rest of the story is quite predictable & obvious yet interesting.

The storyline isn’t all that original or surprising, it’s a merger with Bollywood ideas of course. But at least the call centre story is a lot different from and better than the disastrous Hello. It looks like a call centre here not some posh hotel’s reception area. Anupam Kher as Priya’s easily excitable & very Indian father is absolutely lovable. Her family provides the comic relief in the movie. There is this scene where they ask a group of gay prostitutes(I don’t know how Priya’s aunt finds them to be ‘nice gentlemen’) the address of the hotel & end up being invited for group sex! Even the would-be groom is kind of funny-blushing when telling Priya that his Mom has already selected a nice king-size bed for them!

The scene that touched my heart was when Priya’s father finally stands up for his daughter. Caught between her dreams and her family’s happiness Priya is at the doorstep of her in-laws, brought there with the purpose to apologise. Instead she claims that she is sorry but she can’t let go of her dreams. When her would-be in-laws start abusing her, Anupam Kher stands up and fondly claims that his daughter is a dreamer, someone charming enough to make people smile & pay attention to her when she speaks. And most of all Priya is his daughter & he is proud of her. Ah! If only all parents were as thoughtful & willing to accept their kids as they are instead of making excuses for their failings.

The Other End of The Line is a good pick- makes me wonder why I never hear of such movies & instead spend my time with pathetic excuses of a movie like Dabbang- seriously ‘wholesome’ entertainment? So go for it, it’s a good movie with the usual mirch-masala and no ‘item’ songs thankfully!