Before Sunset

When you were here..

I thought I’d found my way

Around this world

Beyond chaos

I’d found my way

You touched my soul

Don’t know why I let u do it

Why I let you in

So deep so deep within

That you could touch my soul

And then you left

Creating that chaos

Once again

Creating a chaos within

Don’t know why I let you in…

And now am lost

Don’t know what to blame

Notorious fate

Myself or you

Or just enjoy the chaos within…

P.S: Penned this right after I finished Before Sunset-that awesome sequel to Before Sunrise…do watch it!

Before Sunset

Why My Vacations Suck!

There I said it. My vacations suck…no wait…technically I don’t get to have vacations. All I have are endless days of not doing anything but staring at the TV or the laptop. I spend my college hours dreaming of the perfect vacation-making plans that are fool-proof except for the parental approval stamp, checking out tourism sites, even picking out a wardrobe & most importantly bragging before friends-only to land back to earth with a thump that resonates all through the holidays. This summer it was Goa. My friends had been calling me for ages & one of my old “BFF” had suddenly rediscovered my existence too. I had it all planned. For lack of company I’d even compromised & agreed to rope in an ex! But my Mom kicked up such a fuss almost as if she were sending me to war. Case closed.
Then came winter & a chance remark from Papa sent me to Andaman Islands-in my dreams that is… I spent my pre-exam-desperate-revision time browsing the tourist spots of the islands & pestering another classmate who’d been there already. I was picking out ideal packages for scuba diving when Mom declared we are not going. I tried to blackmail ( threats of eating up all food in the house…didn’t want to fast, one Anna Hazare in the country is enough). I tried to cajole & tempt Mom with promises of doing all the housework…but nah! To top it off I have a good-for-nothing sister who refuses to leave the house unless there’s any natural calamity. So this winter too I am stuck home with nothing to do. What better way to numb a mind & kill all creativity?
I won’t call this phase writer’s block, its more like a famine of ideas & lack of anything exciting happening to me-except the really surprising runners-up prize from Indiblogger & Dove. I think that shall be the hallmark of 2011 for me.
Now that I have ranted I feel much lighter. I shall get back to form as college begins, till then dear reader do excuse your truly!
P.S: if you’re looking for some good stuff do checkout the online magazine Flight of Words that’s co-managed by me. Hope you have fun there!
P.P.S: A belated Merry Christmas. May you shed all the weight you gained this Christmas in 2012 😛

Wake Up Call

Last night I had a dream
of purple flowers and a clear blue stream
somber clouds like melted ice cream
and the sunlight dancing with the moonbeams

And I was dressed all pretty & nice
with a face that said it knew no vice
serene like the stream that flowed by my side
only a dream could show the Great Divide

For there were people attending to me
not treated like a doormat,a queen was she
powerful & regal with an auro so bright
It had to be a dream,it felt too right

I closed my eyes, willed time to stand still
afraid to lose this moment,afraid to feel
Afraid to wake up and lose this thrill
of being me again,not a puppet of your will

But then I knew,the moment became clear
this is who I was,I’d nothing to fear
Even when I wake up I will still be me
Holding my own,a queen I’ll be

All I’d ever needed I’d always had it in me
Hidden perhaps but now I could clearly see
All it took was just a dream to say
Wake up girl, from now on today is YOUR day!

You Are One Too..