Being 23

Being 23…neither here nor there, a tough phase. It’s much like being 13 all over again. You are neither a kid nor a proper teenager yet. Likewise I’m not considered an adult neither am I a kid. Hanging midway I wonder, shouldn’t my parents be clear on this topic by now?


In the 23 years I have spent on Earth, it’s kind of sad to think that I’m not yet famous (or infamous) or rich. I am just lying around… preparing for a job in the IT industry like the countless in my country. Hell, my aim in life when I was 8 was to be a traffic inspector! What has happened to my imagination now? I am now making up answers that will best please my would-be recruiters. Being advised by seniors-if they say Osama was a good man, nod your head & say yes?! Hide your weakness in a way that makes it sound like its your strength? Why? Am I super human? If I were so perfect & without flaws would I be wasting my time sitting before a guy who says Osama was good?

I have not voted yet. I got only my PAN card as a proof of identity. The Aadhar card has anyway lost significance after being allotted to sebs & dhaniyas (don’t really mind, never liked the picture on that one). I can ride a non-gear vehicle with 2 pillion riders & yet don’t possess a DL. There’s a Maruti 800 in the garage that am not allowed to learn how to drive because I being me can’t be trusted with such delicate items.

I broke up with my long time boyfriend & now Mom’s advice is never to date. Forget dating, don’t even make friendship with males! All I do is roll my eyes, but I think she may be right given the number of guys around me who so suddenly think am a great girl to hang around with. I have lost a few of my old & ‘trusted’ friends & re-discovered some. I am being judged, being talked about, being scrutinized….but being me.. am being 23 