The Crash

Some dreams fade away as soon as you wake up. You try to catch the details but it slips through your hands like grains of sand. And the little details that remain make you restless and confused. Very rarely do you get a dream as vivid as reality. Something that you can recount in detail as if its really happened with you.

I don’t remember the beginning of this dream or should I say nightmare. I see myself snuggling up close to my boyfriend in my room. The window opposite the bed is open. It seems ok except the fact that my boyfriend has never been inside my house, hence the in-dream-me decides it’s a dream.

There is a low hum in the air, that’s getting louder by the minute. I am leaving to get dressed for something. But the hum has risen up to the levels of a roar of an aircraft. I come back to the bed to bend down and check from the window what is it. I see the tail of a plane. “Is that a helicopter or what?”

As if the copter had heard me, suddenly it turned about a full 180 degrees and the front now pointed at the window. I see my boyfriend’s hands holding me & dragging me away from the room. We jump down the stairs, me leading the run. I am near the outer gate when I notice the Sumo of the next-door neighbour titled at an awkward position. Then I notice the red walls. As if someone has spray painted it with blood.

There are people inside the car I don’t recognize. One is dead & the other is struggling to get out. I let out a loud scream. I see my father standing next to me. He isn’t supposed to be here. He stays in Kolkata!

I know it’s a dream but I can’t get out of it. As I rush outside the gate, I turn back to notice the copter has crashed in the garage itself. The wings of it are still creating a hum. I yell more loudly. No one seems to turn up. For some reason everyone on the street is busy checking their car. I walk back inside, only to realise the pilot is still alive & struggling to get out. I remember every detail of him, his green –checked shirt and his sweaty struggling hands.
I realise I am carrying a mobile. I shout out asking what is the number of the police station or the hospital. As I’m dialing 100, the hum gets louder again.

I wake up to the sound of a plane passing over the skies.