The Amazing Spiderman Reviewed

First things first-Andrew Garfield is super cool as spidey! And am sure most girls would agree with me. Not that we didn’t miss Tobey Maguire, yet Andrew kind of evened out the loss… And one of my favourite actors Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, was a treat to watch. Rhys Ifans as Dr.Curt was quite convincing as the “mad scientist” & as the lizard too if I may add. Irrfan Khan had a screen time of about 15 min & still played it well. It was the usual “come-late-by-15-min-&-you-miss-it” kind of role.

Irrfan Khan in spiderman 4

Irrfan Khan-the bad guy


About the story, as we all know Peter Parker stayed with his uncle & aunt, this movie tells us why & how he got there & what happens when your basement floods.. .kidding! I’d have liked if they hadn’t changed the plot all that. But then it’s good, Garfield as Peter & Kirsten Dunst (MJ )wouldn’t match anyway. And I like the way Peter gets bitten & the after-effects. That’s way hilarious than what you get in the first movie. This Spiderman is naughty, this Spidey is fun!

Andrew Garfield as spiderman

The story moves on as we know, Uncle Ben gets killed & Peter realises his responsibilities. Only the Green Goblin is replaced by a huge creepy lizard roaming about wearing a lab coat. Rest is the usual bad guy vs. Spiderman fight.The Amazing Spiderman has many gory scenes to boast about I tell you so better not watch this with that popcorn(or maybe am too sensitive).

Favourite Scene:

Although the top contender for the favourite scene was the one in the train when Peter comes face to face with his new abilities, my favourite was the one when he saves that kid from the burning car. As father & son are reunited, Spiderman looks on…and even with the mask on, you know he’s missing his father terribly!

3D Effects:

If you’re not watching this in 3D don’t watch it all! I simply loved the special effects, though I wasn’t hooting like the rest of the audience! The fight between the Lizard & Spiderman was the best in 3D. This was way better than MIB-3 at least!

The only bummer was the movie was subbed in Hindi…& my cheap 3D glasses kept getting blurry. So I shall deduct .5 for that & give this movie a 3.5/5. Make sure you watch it this weekend.