If We Meet

Meeting strangers is nothing new for this generation. We do it everyday-add strangers on our online social (virtual) circle just because they have a cool/hot (depending on your gender) display picture. We adjust with strangers all the time, at school, offices, sometimes even get married to strangers we’ve never seen before (it happens only in India). But would you meet a random person and just start talking to them?

I’m a big fan of Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. I daydream about meeting a handsome stranger (yes, handsome is a prerequisite, what? I’m only human!) & fleeing with him on a random senseless detour from my everyday humdrum life. I want to meet someone who for once looks deep into my eyes, beyond my spectacles & continues poking at my intellect (or whatever there is of it). Someone who has a problem with Paulo Coelho’s writing like I do & someone who’d fight with me over the eccentrics allowed to a writer. Who would discuss with me about life & death and that faulty see-saw called Karma.

What would happen when I meet that stranger? That moment when our eyes would meet, will we acknowledge each other or treat this as an irrelevant incident? Will we take the chance & explore the unknown facets of life together or turn our heads back, returning to the safety of the known? We won’t ask each other our names, for names are just nouns…proper nouns meant to identify you. Who needs that when I already know your thoughts & you? Will we take down our addresses or phone numbers? May be if you stimulate my mind enough to make me hungry for more.

We would not talk about personal stuff. As much as I value your opinions I’d never ask if you have a family. I am not going to delve into your life & try to judge you by the mistakes you made and the accomplishments you claim to be yours, for I know life isn’t the way we want it to be. So let me just ask what you want & why. Show me who and what you are & I’ll do the same. Let the world see us as strangers.

I’m waiting to meet you, stranger & then see what happens next.

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WOW Post :)

WOW Post 🙂

And Then There Were None

The Lonely Tree

The ground, it shakes time to time

Rhythmic as a human’s heart

Faint at first, closer still

I hear the thundering crash


The whispers from the Wind had come

The Clouds had sent their sympathies

The Sky had sometimes wept for us

And the birds were forced to flee


We had all said our goodbyes by then

Resigned to the fate we must meet

I stood alone and looked around

At the corpses of my family


One by one they were hauled away

One by one they had fallen

Heads held high, leaves fluttering

Fearless, proud and graceful


The massacre had long begun and now

I just wanted it to come to an end

Although my leaves still turned out green

I forbade my fruits be born to be killed


A soft breeze sent his goodbye to me

I sighed with him & looked at the sky

At stars that had never been visible

And the moon sparkling so bright


I soaked in the scene with every twig

Felt the earth hold tight my roots

Caressed by the Wind I stood still

Death you see visits us all.



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Write from a point of view of the last tree standing in the forest.